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High quality mink eyelashes, made of 100% mink fur. Lash strips are full, whisky and fluttery. Packages include 1 pair (2 pieces) of mink lash strips with lash box. Eyelash length is between 13mm to 15mm. Spoolie and lash applicators are included.

Strip Lash Care

1. Wash hands and shake well before every use.

2. Pour hot water into a small container. Add a few pumps of lash cleanser.
3. Submerge your lash for up to 1 minute.

4. Remove lashes and use a pair of tweezers to GENTLY pull off any remaining glue from the lash band.
5. Rinse the lashes with warm water.

6. Blot the lashes on a paper towel to remove excess water. For best results , allow lashes to air dry.

7. Lastly, use provide spoolie to brush then out.

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